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Booth Alumni Tell Students How to Make Their Mark through Philanthropy

Mary Lou Gorno, ’76, couldn’t decide if it was the right time to give back. She was fresh out of business school, saving up for a Chicago condo, and weighing the pros and cons of donating to her undergraduate alma mater, Saint Mary’s College. On a recent afternoon, over lunch and in front of a classroom of Chicago Booth students, Gorno said she recalled her father adding his two cents: If not now, then when?

For Michael Towbes, His Company’s 60th Anniversary Is the Reason to Celebrate

Developer may be an integral part of Santa Barbara community, but he prefers to deflect attention to record of service Fresh off a plane from New York but without a hint of jet lag, Michael Towbes settled into a chair at the end of a long wooden table, looking as comfortable in a tailored suit as most people are in pajamas. At 86, the longtime Montecito resident, real estate developer and prolific philanthropist explained he would never retire.

Is it too late to stop kudzu?

Ronald Solomon is not looking forward to doing battle in his front yard. His opponent, after all, is a wiry scourge that has taken over the South. It's Pueraria montana, or kudzu, a green vine that most experts thought couldn't grow in southern Ohio until a few years ago. The winters, they said, are too cold for the invasive plant to survive. But here it is. And in central Ohio, no less, creeping onto Solomon's front yard along Iuka Park and up his neighbor's sycamore tree.

Los Olivos Couple Recount Land-Use Ordeal That Almost Cost Them Their Home

As the sun set on the sprawling green horizon, Jo Grove and her then-8-year-old daughter sat atop horses on the hillside, looking down on the family’s 20-acre Los Olivos property. The lush land was new to Jo and her husband, Bill, in 1997 when the couple moved to the Santa Ynez Valley from the Bay Area to retire and start their own horse training and boarding business. With one daughter heading off to college, Grove cherished rides with her youngest, already a lover of horses and equally enthused about a change to rural scenery.

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